This movie can be a pain in your… WRIST!: An exercise inspired by “Social Network”

Social Network is the chronicle of the founding of Facebook, the social-networking Web site.

  • CARPAL TUNNEL – Whether you are typing your newest status on Facebook, tweeting like crazy, or maybe even getting some actual work done, let’s face it, all of us in the city spend A LOT of time using our wrists and fingers. Because of this, carpal tunnel can be a problem especially for today’s office worker. Do your wrists a favor by remembering these simple tips to both treat and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

1.     Pay attention to the motions your hands and wrists are forced to make on a repetitive and daily basis. Make sure you take regular breaks from these repetitive motions.

2.     If you type most of the day, stop periodically and make a tight fist, then fan out your fingers to stretch the muscles.

3.     You may also want to try squeezing a stress ball or making a fist and turning it in circles to both strengthen and stretch the forearm muscles. (MaxWell Medical is currently giving out popcorn shaped stress balls, specifically for the Oscars at each office.)

You may not be the next Mark Zuckerberg but, “Blackberry thumb” is far more common then you’d think. Try out these tips to relieve and minimize the effects of carpal tunnel. While watching the Oscars this year, MaxWell Medical wants to help you TEXT FASTER.

 Each day this week we will feature an Oscar nominated film and its corresponding stretch/exercise. Stay tuned to see what movies will motivate you to DO MORE.

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