Write Off, Right On!: Crazy Tax Deductions

Breast implants, body oil, cat food, clarinet lessons, and animal depreciation. What do all of these things have in common? If you said one extremely weird Saturday night, you would be partially right. But believe it or not all of these items have been successfully written off by taxpayers in the past!

Every year people seem to get more and more innovative when doing their taxes. But, we were truly surprised to see that some very “interesting” items and expenses have actually been approved by the IRS. In order to keep things light during this very stressful time of year, we found five crazy expenses declared as possible deductions on tax returns. And, while they all may make you chuckle, the funniest part may be the fact that these particular write offs actually worked!

5 IRS Approved Write Offs

1. Swimming Pool – Doctor Prescribed

A doctor recommended recreational activities as a means of exercise to help improve a patients emphysema. The patient decided to install a swimming pool at his home, and then deducted the cost as a “necessary medical expense.”

2. Clarinet Lesson –  Better then Braces

Parents wrote off their son’s clarinet lessons as a medical expense for correcting the child’s overbite.

3. Cruise – Business Trip

Instead of a flight, a cruise from New York to that marketing convention in Bermuda can be written off as transportation to business related meeting or event.

4. Babysitter – Charitable Donation

Believe it or not, you can deduct the cost of a babysitter as a charitable deduction IF the mother of the child is leaving the house to do volunteer work for a charity.

5. Cat Food – Business Expense

Owners of a junkyard became fed up with their snake and rat problem so they cleverly set out bowls of cat food to attract wild cats. Because the wild cats made the business safer for customers, the pet food was deductible as a business expense.

Now these deductions do seem silly, and laughing at these people can be lots of fun. But remember some of them ended up with the last laugh and huge tax breaks on their returns. Sometimes it pays to be “creative”. Maybe thinking outside the box isn’t such a bad idea when it comes to filing your taxes this year. It can be critical for you to know about every deduction to which you might be entitled. At the end of the day, MaxWell Medical wants you to be able to DEDUCT MORE!

As a friendly reminder, the tax deadline is the 18th of April instead of the 15th, due to a federal holiday.

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