Did you feel that? NYC Earthquake Preparation Guide

Yesterday, a magnitude-5.9 earthquake was felt as far as NYC. The epicenter was Virginia but, people all over the tri-state area reported feeling a shake or tremor. Having lived through the chaos that ensued after the blackout, yesterday’s Earthquake was a chilling reminder that most of us are not prepared. Seeing the confused faces of our coworkers with no exit plan has brought upon a sad realization. None of us learned our lessons after the blackout in August 2003 about not being caught off guard. Luckily, there were no reports of injuries or reports of disruption of service. The next time disaster strikes we may not be as lucky.

Five Steps to have MaxWell Medical Better Prepared:

1.       Keep a flashlight at each desk
2.       Have cash and charged cell phone on hand
3.       Leave sturdy & comfortable sneakers or shoes at each desk
4.       Know where the first aid kit
5.       Be aware of our meet-up location

We are better prepared with these five emergency initiatives. For more tips and information about how to be prepared please visit: http://72hours.org/earthquake.html.

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