Prepare for Hurricane Irene

 If you look outside your window this afternoon, the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Turn on any news channel and you hear of the “70-75 mph winds”, “Mayor Bloomberg has ordered evacuations of hospitals and nursing homes”, and  even “possible MTA suspension of all service on the city’s bus and subway lines.” President Obama said it best, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Here at MaxWell Medical we are urging our patients and staff to prepare with essentials before the end of today.

1)      Pick-up critical medication in anticipation that you will be unable to pick up meds for 3-7 days.

2)      Keep canned foods and items that don’t require electricity or gas stoves.

3)      Have plenty of bottled water on hand.

4)      Keep flashlights and candles in your home at all times.

5)      Keep a radio that does not require electricity to hear updates on the news.

6)      Stay near the safest location in your home which is a windowless room.

We hope everyone is safe and we will update via our facebook/twitter for our schedule on Monday.

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