Back Off!: 3 Tips to Avoid Back Pain from Bags!

10+ years after you’ve finished school you find yourself contemplating using a backpack again. Your two to three bags currently hold your wallet, phone, phone charger, purse, laptop, iPad, notebook, gym sneakers, workout clothes, heels, makeup, hairbrush, iPod, yoga mat all while grasping onto your umbrella and coffee, getting you and the bags you carry your life in, wet from the rain. The constant shifting of weight from foot to foot and the new arch forming on your back from your bags is enough to end the debate in your mind for fashion versus utility! Instead, of throwing in the towel MaxWell Medical has 3 tips to help you avoid neck and back pain from your bags!

3 Tips to Avoid Back Pain from Bags

  1. Avoid Overloading– Before you go to bed, go through your bags and purse and remove all the unnecessary items. You’d be surprised to discover receipts from years ago, expired metro cards and items you can no longer identify. If you absolutely need every item, then consider carrying another bag to distribute the weight evenly on each shoulder.
  2. Improper Placement of Bag- When you incorrectly place a heavy weight bag filled with books or other items on your shoulders, it can do serious damage to your back. Carrying a bag on one shoulder can cause you to lean to one side to offset the extra weight, which then can lead to lower back and upper back pain, as well as causing your shoulders and neck to strain.
  3. Eighty Percent Health/ Twenty Percent Style- Before purchasing a bag simply for aesthetics, take some time to examine the bag and see if it causes any health risks. For example, long strapped shoulder bags can tug you to one side like a C-shape therefore causing you to hunch up your shoulder to keep it in place and chain bags tend to gouge the flesh.

Take the saying “Don’t carry the world on your shoulders” more literally and empty and consolidate your “world”. The damage caused by the weight of shoulder bag and heavy purses can be easily avoided. MaxWell Medical wants you to pick up those bags and CARRY ON!

** Interested in a backpack? Ameribags are better for your overall health because the weight of your bag is evenly distributed across your body and is supported by the strongest muscles in the body, the back and the abdominal muscles. **

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