Rock Star of the Month: Ferwah Rizvi

She’s our pint size Office Manager with a deluxe size personality. She’s up for anything exciting and just came back from a trip to Vegas. But, there’s more to Ferwah Rizvi, our Rock star of the Month than just her winning smile! Born in Karachi, Pakistan she is not one to sway away from an adventure. She has ridden on horses, camels and even elephants! Ferwah is a staff and patient favorite and there are endless reasons why.

We were able to catch up to our adventure junkie to find out some interesting things about her!

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Ferwah

1)      For the past 6 summers, I’ve built houses in Tijuana, Mexico.

2)      My experience in Mexico inspired me to establish the NY Agents of Change. (Volunteer group working with Esperanza International Organization)

3)      In my youth I enjoyed rides on camels on the beaches of Clifton, Pakistan.

4)      I prefer chocolate chip cookies over the finest delicacies.

5)      I have a very distinct laugh. (This may be the reason people opt out of watching movies with me)

6)      I can karate chop through three wooden blocks with my head…. (not)

7)      I’m a total adventure junkie, I’ve gone skydiving four times, cliff diving, kayaking, and white water rafting, and played intense games of paintball.

8)      Although, I do not hesitate to go into the ocean, pool or river, I do not know how to swim.

9)      I have difficulty telling left from right but, only when I’m navigating in a car.

10)   I get motion sickness from crossing the street.

Ferwah has been with MaxWell Medical from the very beginning and launched most of the initiatives that make our office great! She is now the Office Manager of our newest location at 99 Wall Street.

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