Rock Star of the Month: Rob Steele

You wouldn’t know it by first glance but, our Rock Star of the Month was once a Rock Star himself! He’s been strumming away at our heart strings (and the guitar) since he was 15 and there are way too many classic Rock songs that would be a perfect ballad for Rob Steele, our Rock Star of the Month. He’s been a fan favorite for years but, he officially became a one woman man as of November 5th, 2011!

Seconds after returning from his honeymoon we were able to have a powwow with Mr. Steele.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rob/Robbie/Steele/Roberto      

1.       I was the very first Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist in Manhattan! Take that knots!

2.      You may say you love football but, I play EVERY Saturday in a flag league in Hoboken, NJ.

3.      I can tell you a joke or three and that may be the reason I collect jokers from any card deck.

4.      I can show you my po-po-po-poker face but, then I’d have to kill you…

5.      “I’m BIG in Japan!”…well…not really but, I can speak in Japanese!

6.      For my honeymoon, I was serenaded by Mickey & Goofy at Disney World.

7.      I’ve been rocking out since 1985! I’ve been a part of one, two, three, four, well… a lot of bands! (Including a Creed cover band!)

8.      I have a great Halloween Costume track record. Ask my fans on Facebook!

9.      I got fit for my wedding and am planning on staying that way!

10.    I married the love of my life two weeks ago and we weren’t short of a few Celtic traditions!

Rob’s a personal trainer, orthopedic massage therapist, a rocker, a Sports fan, and now a husband and father. There isn’t a role he’s not ready for. Rob is weekend warrior and has tons of Do More Attitude! Congrats again Rob Steele!

Have questions for our newlywed? Set up an appointment with Rob to find out how you can DO MORE!

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