EatWell with MaxWell

Are you in a food funk? We can pull you from the mundane-ness of your lunch. MaxWell Medical has always encouraged a Do More initiative and there isn’t a more synergic relationship than 4food + MaxWell Medical to bring you EatWellDay! If you’ve passed by 4food within the past two weeks on Wednesdays, you’ve seen our MaxWell team encouraging the public to Do More and Eat Better!  We have been offering $1.00 off all orders of $10 or more. This coupon is valid through December 16th and can be enjoyed with one of our promotional cards at our 40th & 52nd Street locations!

Did you miss the free giveaways? Or our raffle to win dinner & movies on us? Or even free medical massages at 4food? Don’t fret; you can still enjoy MaxWell Medical at 4food with our 3 exclusive burgers!

3 Burgers to De-Junk Fast Food:

1)      MaxWell Burger 40- A little over 450 calories, this burger is a staff favorite. Served with a multigrain bun and beef patty, we’re not afraid to admit we’re a little in love with this burger.

2)      MaxWell Burger 52- This is our least calorie baring burger and has our vegetarians going wild! (It may be the shiitake mushrooms).

3)      MaxWell Burger 99- A fresh fish burger is proving to be quite a catch! Enjoy it with tar tar or no tar tar sauce, its still de-lish!

Stay tuned on facebook and twitter for our next pop-up shop date at 4food! Check out 4food to create your very own signature burger or try some of their buildboard top sellers. With MaxWell Medical & 4food you can be healthy and still INDULGE MORE!

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