2012: Ring it in with the NEW YOU!

I know, I know. A new year comes with a new set of resolutions and a new set of disappointments. You find yourself paying for a monthly gym membership that you haven’t been to since February and reverting back to last year you almost immediately…This year MaxWell Medical wants you to try something different. Tear up that list and use our tip guide to ease into 2012 as a better YOU!

5 Tips to get you 2012 ready!

1)      Dear Food Diary- Don’t lie to your food journal about a few snacks throughout the week. Use your journal to keep track of the good, bad, and innutritious! Reflect back and see where you could improve and set reminders to grab some almonds instead of a chocolate bar.

2)      Take a breath or two or three- Or just keep breathing. Take the time waiting for the subway, holding on the phone to take a few extra deep breaths. Some extra oxygen to the brain will always keep you positive and energized!

3)      Working on your fitness in style- Get motivated with a great new outfit or cool sneakers to head the gym. Why buy it if you’re not going to show it off at the gym? (your clothes, I mean)

4)      Don’t sweat the small stuff- It’s easy to say but, it’s harder to do. You miss your train by a few seconds; you spell coffee on your new shirt, stay calm and carry on. It’s a great mantra to live by!

5)      Volunteer- As cheesy as it may sound, there’s no more gratifying feeling than helping those less fortunate. Get out there! There are tons of charities where you can donate your time, money, or energy!

Want some more tips? Keep an eye out for our New Year’s card in the mail or any of our three locations. MaxWell Medical wants you to BE WELL in 2012!

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