Rock Star of the Month: Ronnabelle Berdos, RPT

It isn’t unusual for this person to be too far from a step ladder or two. She stands at just less than 5 feet and is a bundle of joy at our office. But, don’t let her height fool you she’ll do some serious work on those aches and pains! There is no doubt why this fearsome therapist, Ronnabelle Berdos is our recently engaged Rock Star of the Month!

We were able to capture Belle for a few moments to learn more about her before she gets hitched!

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Ronnabelle, Belle, Bella-rina Berdos:

1. I may not be the next Top Chef but, you should see me in the kitchen.

2. The critics give it two thumbs up; I make the best flan around!

3. I don’t have any tattoos but, I LOVE ROCK & ROLL!

4. I grew up in the Philippines surrounded by water but, I never learned to swim.

5. I’m the tiniest person at MaxWell Medical.

6. I’m vertically challenged and because of my small stature I have to wear a size 16 from the kids’ section!

7. Although I’ve never been a fan of sports other than Basketball or Boxing, my fiancé’s love for ESPN has me tuning in.

8. Others may be fans of Twilight but, I love curling up to a New Age Thought Book.

9. Whether it’s by force or to overcome my fear, I still need to muster up the courage to go on rides!

10. The three c’s I love: Church, cleaning and couponing! (Not necessarily in that order)

Belle gains her strength from helping others and is certainly able to DO MORE! She may be scared of heights but, there isn’t a trigger pain that she can’t tackle!

Have questions for our tiny therapist? Have any wedding day advice? Set up an appointment with Belle to find out how you can Do More!

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