Rock Star of the Month: Adelina Molina

It’s rare to see her in one place for a long period of time.  You can find her running up and down the hallway, picking up phone call after phone call, or managing front desk at our 40th Street office. Adelina Molina, our Rock Star of the Month spends every second at MaxWell ensuring that each patient leaves the office feeling better. 

We were able to steal away a few moments from our multi-tasking queen to discover

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Adelina/Addy

  1. I visited Disneyworld and have confirmed that yes; it is the most magical place on earth.
  2. In my younger years I could have been the next Mary Lou Retton. Well, at least that’s what my mother thought.
  3. I’m quite the linguist. I can speak English, Spanish and Spanglish fluently.  
  4. If I had a superpower it’d be the ability to shower, feed, dress, and drop off my daughter for daycare, study for school, get to work on time AND still find time to do my make-up.
  5. I love Twilight. In my past life I was definitely a werewolf. GO TEAM JACOB!
  6. I turned to facebook to discover what three things I would need on a dessert island but, I still have one question, will there be Wi-Fi?
  7. I can knit and crochet a mean scarf. Make your requests before I become the next Martha Stewart.
  8. As the mother of a toddler I am impressed by my daughter Nicole everyday, even if that means counting to 50 includes numbers like twenty-ten & thirty-ten.
  9. All this mega million talk has gotten me inspired. I’d buy my mother a well-deserved home of her own once I hit it big.
  10. Everyone says MaxWell Medical feels like a family and in my case, it is. Diana is my cousin.

Whether it’s making time for patients at work, getting homework done for school or spending some quality time with her daughter Nicole, Adelina has learned the great art of juggling.

Have questions for our champion of crochet? Be sure to post them and any knitting requests you may have on facebook or twitter.

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