Hunger Games: 3 Tips to Eat Lunch on a Time Crunch!

And they’re off! Come 12 pm there are thousands of New Yorkers scurrying to the nearest lunch spot to devour any sustenance before dashing right back to the office. An hour lunch seems impossible when dealing with lines outside and around the corner at Chipotle, slow elevators, and indecision. Especially when you’re the one picked to represent the troops and supply your co-workers with their Venti Mocha Frappucino with an extra shot of express and every other 6 word drink order at Starbucks, suddenly the Hunger Games don’t seem so terrible. Here are 3 tips to help you eat your lunch, not your time!

3 Tips to Eat Lunch on a Time Crunch:

1)      Brown Paper Bag It- Your mom doesn’t have to do it but, it sure would be nice. Preparing your lunch along with any snacks you want the night prior or morning of will give you enough time to dodge pedestrians for your favorite seat to enjoy that sandwich on rye.

2)      Proportions- Eating smaller meals throughout the day will get your metabolism going and your brain functioning as well. And as an added bonus you won’t have to fight herds of people during normal lunch rush hours just to get an apple!

3)      Don’t Skip It- In this economy especially, we’re busy bees, burning the midnight oil, and any other analogy you can think of for working hard. But, don’t skip lunch you won’t think as clearly on an empty stomach. Use sites like or to deliver your meal to you!

Quiet your grumbling tummy with these time-saving tips for eating lunch in our crazy city. But, if you find yourself out during peak lunch hours scrambling for some food we hope that “the odds be ever in your favor.” Make the most of your lunch break! MaxWell Medical wants you to CONSUME SMARTER!

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  1. Great post! Especially “Brown Paper Bag It”. To quote an old boyscout adage “Failure to prepare is preparation to fail”.

    It’s amazing how much people can improve their health just by planning their meals. It was Rule #1 according to my nutrition teacher with a master’s degree in biochemistry.

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