3 Do’s & Don’ts of Mother’s Day Gift Giving from MaxWell Mamas

1)      Don’t:

Buy a vacuum cleaner on our special day. If we weren’t tempted to clean before, this won’t motivate us after.


Get your siblings/parent together to spruce up the place. While I use my free time to do all the things I can’t ever find the time to do.

2)      Don’t:

Purchase toiletries. It seems sweet, in theory. Leave purchasing of all grooming products to me.


Purchase something that will let me get pampered. It doesn’t have to be a day at the spa either. Even an attempt at giving a manicure at home yourself is sweet.

3)      Don’t:

Purchase an apron or cooking lessons. If you’re dropping hints involving my cooking save it for another holiday.


Try to make/place an order for dinner yourself (with some parental help, if need be). I’d much rather spend time with my family enjoying lunch or dinner together. 

Take advice from our MaxWell Mamas and give a gift that comes from the heart. And a special shout out to our moms at MaxWell: Diana, Adelina, Anila, Furkhunda, Rukshinda, Suzy, Thania, Liz, Lisette, Arti, and our soon-to-be mom Belle! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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