Knee Pain? No Knee’d to Worry!

If there are two things we all share as New Yorker’s, it is our unfaltering determination and our ability to speed walk & expertly weave through pedestrian traffic. So, why should something like knee pain stop us from either of these things? Here are some of the best ways you can limit your knee pain to regain your speed and fulfill your dreams:

  1. Build your Strength- A weak body is prone to have weak knees. Don’t let yourself fall into that position, find a workout plan that will strengthen your quadriceps. Having stronger leg muscles will remove extra stress off of your knees, allowing them to be more aligned, ensuring that you don’t have to suffer from knee pain.
  2. Find the Perfect Shoe- Think comfort over style- find your ideal walking shoes that have the best cushioning for your feet. With great support and flexibility, not only will your feet be comfortable, but it’s also ease the pain. Replace your shoes every couple of months to make sure you never lose the support.
  3. Avoid Sitting for Too Long- Remaining in a position for too long, especially an uncomfortable one, will stiffen up your knees and joints. Prevent this from happening by adding small movements and stretches into your daily schedule that will add more flexibility to your joints. 
  4. Find your Healthy Weight – Make sure your body weight is not adding extra pressure on your knees. Find a diet or workout plan that will best help you lose some pounds. It may be hard, but by maintaining a healthy body weight, your knees will have less pressure on them, making walking easier and less painful for you. 

Don’t give up because of your knee pain! Follow these tips to overcome your pain and moonwalk through life.

MaxWell Medical wants you to WALK THIS WAY!

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