4 Tips to Feast Your Eyes on How-To Stay Healthy During Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s a holiday when overeating is subjective and exercise is non-existent. But Thanksgiving does not always have to be unhealthy. And it certainly does not have to be restrictive. Here are some ways you can gobble it all up while maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat breakfast- Most people make the mistake of skipping breakfast thinking they will eat less by saving up until the big meal. However, starving yourself will actually result in you binging on all the unhealthy Thanksgiving specials later on. To prevent this, make sure to have a decent sized protein-rich breakfast that will keep you satisfied for the day and will make sure you eat less during the actual meal.
  1. Divide Your Plate- The Thanksgiving table is always filled with a huge variety of mouth-watering foods, making it difficult to eat every single item on display. Try to prevent overeating by consuming foods specific to Thanksgiving-one’s that you don’t normally eat during the year. Or if that’s too hard, eat smaller portions of everything. Additionally, don’t forget to divide your plate into as many food groups as you can-vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, etc. This will allow you to have some balance in your big meal. Remember to eat slowly, to savour each bite and be able to recognize when you are full, so you can prevent yourself from eating too much. 
  1. Hydrate- Being too engrossed in eating all those delicious foods, one easily forgets the importance of water. Being dehydrated, your body’s thirst can easily be mistaken as hunger, causing you to overeat. Try to drink as much water as you can to balance out the quantity of food you are consuming and to prevent overeating.
  1. Take a Walk- Just because the meal is over doesn’t mean the day is over! Once dinner ends, go out for a walk and maybe even invite your family. Walking is a simple way of adding some physical activity to your Thanksgiving routine, when working out seems to be too much. However, once the holidays end, motivate yourself to gradually return back to your normal healthy food and exercise routine. This is done easiest by taking it one step at a time and disregarding any guilt you have about overeating. 

This Thanksgiving, MaxWell Medical doesn’t want you to gobble til you wobble!

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