Happy, Healthy Heart

Roses are red, violets are blue, this month check on your heart, to set yourself up for a healthy start! February is the month of LOVE and National Heart Health month. It’s time to show your heart some extra love and tenderness. Check out these 5 Tips to Improve your Heart Health:

  1. Down with PCP- (Yeah, you know me!) Schedule your annual exam and get your heart checked! Heart disease can start young, so make sure you’re working with your health care professional to get ahead of the curve with your heart health. While you’re with your doctor, talk to them about starting an exercise program. 
  2. Let’s Get Physical- Various exercises have been shown to improve heart health. Low impact steady state cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility are all on the table when it comes to heart health. Fitting small amounts of exercise (think 10-15 minutes per day) into your life is a great way to start off slow but make a huge impact on your overall health.
  3. Hungry Heart- There are plenty of ways to make your diet more heart conscious. Cutting down on salt, eating less sugar and filling up your plate with more fruit and veg are quick ways to change your diet today. Quitting smoking and cutting back on alcohol can also help to improve the quality of your arteries. 
  4. Stress Less- Short-term stress can actually be good for us, but long-term and chronic stress can have a very negative impact on our heart health. Meditation, positive thinking, and deep breathing all help to naturally lower your heart rate and can help prevent heart disease.
  5. Seeing Red- Not only is February National Heart Health month, but it’s also the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day! Red is the color of love and heart health. Raise awareness by showing off your brightest, most cheerful red shirt or scarf this month. 

Heart health is vital to your overall health and with these easy tips your heart won’t skip a beat! This month, MaxWell Medical wants you to Stay Heart Healthy!

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