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Today, marks the end of our week-long anniversary celebration. We are truly humbled by these past ten years. Our founders’ journey is one of dedication, resilience & true passion to care for people. They began their careers in this industry years before MaxWell Medical was born. They understood the strength it would take to truly care for people in pain. They knew New Yorkers didn’t have to suffer anymore. Their day didn’t end at the end of their workday, it was only just beginning. They wanted to help and show everyone that relief is within reach. They believed a doctor’s office didn’t have to feel like one. Here, you’re greeted with a friendly smile and you can smile back knowing you’re on the road to recovery.

Our doors opened months before the recession, it wasn’t the ideal time to start a small business but, we believed in our doctors, our therapists, our team. It was difficult to see our growing patient base start to lose their jobs. Patients came from Hypo, Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch sullen & defeated. Without the insurance we accepted in their office, they thought they’d have to say good-bye. Instead, we created leniency programs to continue their treatment at our office.  We even started hiring more of a support staff, who better to work with MaxWell Medical than former patients.

Year after year, our dedicated team treated thousands of people. Together, we’ve celebrated birthdays and weddings, birth announcements, first home purchases, and together, we supported each other through loss and hard times. Our little team of 8 has grown to over 100. Our amazingly diverse, American & multicultural team has crossed Marathon finish lines together, walked for a cure for AIDS, built homes in Tijuana, Mexico with Esperanza International. We’ve matched donations to support the National Down Syndrome Society, Ronald McDonald House of NY, March of Dimes, typhoon in the Philippines, earthquake relief in Haiti. Each charity was special to us and it meant something to someone helping to heal our patients. We are so grateful to our team. Without their immense knowledge, their support, their innovative ideas, their encouragement, and especially their laughter we wouldn’t have made it to 10. We really are a family.

We’d like to thank our patients. Our weekend warriors, those mothers and fathers whose days only seem to get longer, those typing away at their desks, those who liked us on Facebook, referred their friends and family, those who follow us on Instagram and twitter and join in on all the fun at our offices. We are honored to have seen you, heard you and helped you. There are hundreds of other facilities in Manhattan but, you chose us and for that we thank you!

We are looking forward to another 10, 20, 30… years helping everyday New Yorkers/Bronxites/Manhattanites/Queensites/Brooklynites/Staten Islanders/Long Islanders & New Jerseyans. We are continuing to grow! We are expanding to the West side and beyond. We’re always looking to add to our MaxWell family and it could even be YOU!

WorkWell with MaxWell

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Could you and your co-workers use a wellness break? Don’t forget that we offer massage workshops during the work day for 15 minute intervals right in your workplace. If you think that your company would benefit from on-site chair massages, please call our any of our five locations for more information. Right now, when you help us book a corporate workshop, you’ll be entered to win our May Getaway Giveaway! Ask for details!

3 Ways to be a WINNER at MaxWell Medical

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MWM_StayCool_Summer2016.jpgDid you dance to Single Ladies at the Beyonce Concert? Did you Walk on the Moon with Bruno Mars? Or Getaway with our Giveaway?

Do you want to WIN our newest giveaway? We want you to Stay Cooool for the Summer!  Check out how you can be a winner!

  1. COME IN! Every time you come in you can increase your chances of winning!
  2. REFER! Start spreading the news, so you can leave todayyy. Refer friends and co-workers to get 5 times as many raffles.
  3. BOOK A WORKSHOP! Are your co-workers in need of some serious stress relief? Be the Office Hero & set up a workshop and get 10 times as many raffles!

Throwback Thursday! Check out our video on 5 Ways to Fight Fatigue!

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Throwback Thursday! Check out our video on 5 Ways to Fight Fatigue! (and make you smile:)

Will you still be our neighbor?

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Howdy Neighbor!

We’ve got some exciting news if you haven’t already heard! We are moving to 111 Broadway, Suite 503 on Monday, July 14th.

We loved our old neighborhood and our Chiropractor’s room had a beautiful view of the river

….but, we’re excited about being in the historical Trinity Building!

We loved the ease of getting off the 2 and 3 and walking right up to the office

…but, we’re excited about being above the 4 and 5, around the corner from the J and Z and blocks away from the PATH.

More than anything we love our patients and want to be near you and for the most part we are closer than before! But if you’re not, we’d like to know: Will you still be our neighbor?


We have to… Move it, move it!

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On Monday, July 14th our downtown location will be moving to 111 Broadway, Suite 503! Come check out our new diggs!

Cubicle Cues: Protect Your Back.

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We’ve got your Back when it comes to protecting your back! Proper alignment requires active attention and knowledge, and a strong core. Buying the right chair is only part of the solution. A good rule of thumb is that if your head is forward and/or your back is rounded, you are definitely putting unhealthy strain on your body and back and no chair is going to save you. Here are some quick tips: Always sit with your back as straight as possible and use a pillow if you need low back support. Try to avoid slouching your shoulders or relying on your chair’s backrest for support. To avoid muscle tightness or tension, practice active sitting by making small movements in your chair all day long. And, don’t forget to take frequent breaks by standing and walking around. For more of our ergonomic tips click here.

Cubicle Cues: Protect Your Neck

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Don’t let your neck be a pain in the neck! The neck is the connection between your head and your spine and is often referred as the cervical portion of your spine. The neck supports the weight of the head and protects the nerves that carry sensory and motor information from the brain down to the rest of the body. And just like your head, it is very susceptible to injury when not practicing proper alignment and posture at your work station. Always sit back with your chin tucked and ears, shoulders and hips aligned. Your monitor screen should be roughly arm’s length away and the top 1/3 of the monitor should be at eye level. Invest in a document holder that elevates the text you’re referencing to the height of your screen. When using the phone, protect your neck from strain by using headphones instead of cradling the phone between your head and shoulders. For more of our ergonomic tips click here.

Cubicle Cues: Protect Your Head

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Hold your HEAD up high! One of our worst habits when working at a computer, is holding our head forward to read the screen. Many of us do it without even realizing it! This posture can often result in chronic discomfort and pain including headaches, neck pain and back pain, just to name a few. Ideally, we want to sit back with our chin tucked and ears, shoulders and hips aligned. Your monitor screen should be roughly arm’s length away and the top 1/3 of the monitor should be at eye level. Invest in a document holder that elevates the text you’re referencing to the height of your screen. For more of our ergonomic tips click here.