MaxWell in Numbers!

We’re 1 year older, 5 offices strong, 202 team member strong and counting…




Today, marks the end of our week-long anniversary celebration. We are truly humbled by these past ten years. Our founders’ journey is one of dedication, resilience & true passion to care for people. They began their careers in this industry years before MaxWell Medical was born. They understood the strength it would take to truly care for people in pain. They knew New Yorkers didn’t have to suffer anymore. Their day didn’t end at the end of their workday, it was only just beginning. They wanted to help and show everyone that relief is within reach. They believed a doctor’s office didn’t have to feel like one. Here, you’re greeted with a friendly smile and you can smile back knowing you’re on the road to recovery.

Our doors opened months before the recession, it wasn’t the ideal time to start a small business but, we believed in our doctors, our therapists, our team. It was difficult to see our growing patient base start to lose their jobs. Patients came from Hypo, Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch sullen & defeated. Without the insurance we accepted in their office, they thought they’d have to say good-bye. Instead, we created leniency programs to continue their treatment at our office.  We even started hiring more of a support staff, who better to work with MaxWell Medical than former patients.

Year after year, our dedicated team treated thousands of people. Together, we’ve celebrated birthdays and weddings, birth announcements, first home purchases, and together, we supported each other through loss and hard times. Our little team of 8 has grown to over 100. Our amazingly diverse, American & multicultural team has crossed Marathon finish lines together, walked for a cure for AIDS, built homes in Tijuana, Mexico with Esperanza International. We’ve matched donations to support the National Down Syndrome Society, Ronald McDonald House of NY, March of Dimes, typhoon in the Philippines, earthquake relief in Haiti. Each charity was special to us and it meant something to someone helping to heal our patients. We are so grateful to our team. Without their immense knowledge, their support, their innovative ideas, their encouragement, and especially their laughter we wouldn’t have made it to 10. We really are a family.

We’d like to thank our patients. Our weekend warriors, those mothers and fathers whose days only seem to get longer, those typing away at their desks, those who liked us on Facebook, referred their friends and family, those who follow us on Instagram and twitter and join in on all the fun at our offices. We are honored to have seen you, heard you and helped you. There are hundreds of other facilities in Manhattan but, you chose us and for that we thank you!

We are looking forward to another 10, 20, 30… years helping everyday New Yorkers/Bronxites/Manhattanites/Queensites/Brooklynites/Staten Islanders/Long Islanders & New Jerseyans. We are continuing to grow! We are expanding to the West side and beyond. We’re always looking to add to our MaxWell family and it could even be YOU!

WorkWell with MaxWell


Could you and your co-workers use a wellness break? Don’t forget that we offer massage workshops during the work day for 15 minute intervals right in your workplace. If you think that your company would benefit from on-site chair massages, please call our any of our five locations for more information. Right now, when you help us book a corporate workshop, you’ll be entered to win our May Getaway Giveaway! Ask for details!

Cold, Cold, Go Away!: 10 Foods to Help Beat a Flu or Cold

ACHOOO! That single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air and unfortunately your hat, scarf, and gloves can’t always protect you from what lies ahead for this flu season. ..Especially when you’re getting sneezed on by the germ infested person sitting next to you on the train or just regretting not paying with your credit card after noticing a cashier coughing into his hand and then handing you, your change.

Germs are everywhere and as the cold and flu season is upon us, it’s important to realize that protecting yourself from these infectious diseases/viruses requires more than just bundling up. You have to help your body by in-taking a variety of immune-boosting foods that can keep you healthy once the flu season strikes and all year round.

10 Foods to Help Beat a Flu or Cold

1.       White Button Mushrooms- These funghi help to increase the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which are very crucial to your immune system.

2.       Tea- Whether it’s black, green, oolong, or pekoe tea, they will all help strengthen your body’s immune response, especially when it’s fighting off an infection.

3.       Chicken Soup- Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the activity of neutrophils, the white blood cells that are released by viral infections like colds.

4.       Garlic- Within garlic, there is Allicin, a powerful antibacterial compound.

5.       Broccoli- Broccoli is loaded with the chemical sulforophane, which is a compound activates antioxidant genes and enzymes that counteract the effects of cell-damaging free radicals.

6.       Natural Almonds- Natural almonds helps boost disease fighting power in the immune system, but you must eat the almonds with their skins on!

7.       Turmeric Turmeric aids in strengthening cell membranes and helping cells resist infection.

8.       Pumpkin- Pumpkin seeds are loaded with Zinc, which helps your body fight infection. The flesh of the pumpkin is filled with immune-boosting beta carotene.

9.       Fish- Fish contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation, increasing airflow and protecting lungs from colds and respiratory infections. Selenium helps white blood cells produce cytokines-proteins that help clear flu viruses out of the body.

10.   Yogurt- Yogurt contains Probiotics which are healthy bacteria that keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs.

So before you dive into a tub filled with hand sanitizer to help fight off flu and infection, just remember there are foods you can eat that will strengthen your immune system before, during and after the flu season.  This flu season MaxWell Medical wants to help you fight against the germs in this city and SNEEZE LESS!

Do More: MaxWell Medical Partners with Ronald McDonald House of New York


Last week was an incredibly heartfelt day for our team. We often work with organizations to help people suffering from pain and discomfort and this time it was a very special evening for us. We were honored to partner with Ronald McDonald House of New York to provide massages for mothers and fathers of children who are battling cancer.

Ronald McDonald House is an organization & facility located on 73rd Street in Manhattan centrally located near 13 major cancer treatment centers in New York. The House welcomes children and families from across the country and the world and can accommodate 84 families.

At the Ronald McDonald House of New York they support each family, and coordinate emotional and physical services, psychological care, ministry support, wellness programs, tutors, music, art, transportation, activities for siblings, holiday and birthday parties, and camaraderie for parents struggling with their child’s cancer diagnosis.

This past Friday we were privileged enough to do our part in helping these parents. Part of our philosophy at MaxWell Medical is to do more. It is important for us to give back any time we can. We strive everyday to help our patients and community Do More!

Rock Star of the Month: Cormac McCourt, LMT

He’s got moves like Jagger and a whole lot more. Whether he’s doing the worm, sporting a green thumb or in a tree pose stance, our Rock Star of the Month is BUSY. But, you could never tell his life is moving 100 miles per hour because he always has a smile on and is keeping it zen! There isn’t much that our Rock Star of the Month, Cormac McCourt can’t do.

We were able to steal a few moments to learn more about our favorite B-Boy.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Cormac/CMac/McCourt:

1.       Started with just a container garden in the Bronx, I now own and manage a farm in Ulser County NY.

2.       My green thumb definitely comes in handy because I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

3.       All I need is a beat to pop lock or get in my b-boy stance!

4.       I might have gained notoriety at MaxWell Medical from my techniques on and off the dance floor.

5.       I have a few famous family members. My late uncle Frank McCourt is the author of “Angela’s Ashes”, my father Malachy McCourt is also a best-selling author, and my mother Diana McCourt has been one of the most stalwart advocates for people with mental and physical disabilities.

6.       I’m named after royalty. King Cormac Mac Art was a high king of Ireland.

7.       The original Dumbledore from Harry Potter is my god-father!

8.        You should know I bleed blue, I’m from New Yorkkk!

9.       I can “OM” all day. I’ve been a certified Yoga Instructor since 1995 and have been practicing since 1983!

10.   I am soon-to-be the first grandfather on the MaxWell Medical team.

Cormac has been a part of the MaxWell team since 07 and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Cormac dabbles in all things healthy and is a great example of how you can DO MORE! With Cormac on our team we know that relief starts here!

Have questions for our multi-talented therapist? Set up an appointment with Cormac to find out how you can Do More!

Rock Star of the Month: Rob Steele

You wouldn’t know it by first glance but, our Rock Star of the Month was once a Rock Star himself! He’s been strumming away at our heart strings (and the guitar) since he was 15 and there are way too many classic Rock songs that would be a perfect ballad for Rob Steele, our Rock Star of the Month. He’s been a fan favorite for years but, he officially became a one woman man as of November 5th, 2011!

Seconds after returning from his honeymoon we were able to have a powwow with Mr. Steele.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rob/Robbie/Steele/Roberto      

1.       I was the very first Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist in Manhattan! Take that knots!

2.      You may say you love football but, I play EVERY Saturday in a flag league in Hoboken, NJ.

3.      I can tell you a joke or three and that may be the reason I collect jokers from any card deck.

4.      I can show you my po-po-po-poker face but, then I’d have to kill you…

5.      “I’m BIG in Japan!”…well…not really but, I can speak in Japanese!

6.      For my honeymoon, I was serenaded by Mickey & Goofy at Disney World.

7.      I’ve been rocking out since 1985! I’ve been a part of one, two, three, four, well… a lot of bands! (Including a Creed cover band!)

8.      I have a great Halloween Costume track record. Ask my fans on Facebook!

9.      I got fit for my wedding and am planning on staying that way!

10.    I married the love of my life two weeks ago and we weren’t short of a few Celtic traditions!

Rob’s a personal trainer, orthopedic massage therapist, a rocker, a Sports fan, and now a husband and father. There isn’t a role he’s not ready for. Rob is weekend warrior and has tons of Do More Attitude! Congrats again Rob Steele!

Have questions for our newlywed? Set up an appointment with Rob to find out how you can DO MORE!