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5 Ways to Have a Smarter Summer


Don’t let your wit get fried! We’ve got 5 tips and resources to keep you a step ahead of the rest this summer. Ready, Set, Summer!

  1. Stay Cation
    We’re packing our bags, putting on our sunblock and getting ready to stay in NYC. There’s nothing better than summer in the city. New York Magazine has your go-to guide for summer 2013. Try shaved ice from across the globe, food on sticks; they’re guaranteeing you have “No Weekend Left Behind” until Labor Day.
  2. Summer Stomach
    Planks, crunches, Russian twist… They sound more like torture techniques than exercises. We’ll admit it. Even with a long winter, we still aren’t bikini ready but, we need to hit the beach NOW. We all want a flatter stomach, but how? Try these LAZY ways to look leaner and feel firmer; “no diet, exercise or spanx required”
  3. Snack Attack!
    It’s lunch. Lines are long, your lunch hour is short, and you Don’t turn to fast food to remedy that grumbling belly. Food and Wine has healthy snacks that will have you saying “That’s a spicy (Vietnamese chicken) meatball!” Not the next Emeril? Find Friendship’s Fit to Go Mobile Mixer Tour for a healthy treat.
  4. Fun Summer Slim down
    No matter how many times you update your playlist that workout in the gym just isn’t cutting it. Don’t force fun. Well+Good  has your Summer Wellness Guide to help you tan and burn calories! Heading to the Hamptons this summer? They’ve got a guide for living healthy in the Hamptons too!
  5. Summer to September
    Keep the sunshine going well into Labor Day! Instead, of going away this summer plan a vacation or trip in September. Destinations, bathing suits, and flights will be cheaper AND you’ll have something to look forward to all summer long! Get some more sun & fun with Cheap Carribean, “the beach vacation experts!”

5 Free Walking Tours in NYC!

We do everything in our power to avoid the “camera-clad-large -map-holding-stopping dead-in-their-tracks-tourist”. Don’t just  dodge them; join them. It’s time you rediscover New York City in all its glory and it’s the best weather to do so! Walk with purpose on these neighborhood tours. You can relive some historic New York City trails or create your own. This is an offer not to be missed. With some tours lasting up to two hours you can burn a few calories AND learn something new. MaxWell Medical wants you to take a stroll in the Big Apple with these:

5 Free Walking Tours

1) Greenwich Village Walking Tour Tour includes books, art and everything in between. It may be worth it just to see the Jefferson Market Library. Need another reason to join this tour, it begins rain or shine and does not require reservations. We’re ready to sign up.. oh wait, we don’t have to!

2) All-In-One Downtown Can’t decide what part of the city interests you most? Join the AIO tour with Free Tour by Foot (and subway) to experience the city from Wall Street all the way to Grand Central. With such a great catch phrase like, “We’re so hip, we know you’ll tip”, this is one tour group we’ll be sure not to miss.

3) The High Line Spanning more than 30 blocks, this tour can give you the bird eye’s view of 30th Street to the Meatpacking District. Go just to see the great transformation of the rail yards. Because the High Line is completely exposed to the elements be sure to go on a good weather day and more importantly, the only tour day available; TUESDAYS!

4) Grand Central Terminal Every quintessential New York City movie features a scene of Grand Central. And why not, it is beautiful. Just ask award winning tour guide, Justin Ferate. Or better yet, catch him on Fridays at 12:30. Enjoy the terminal in it’s true magnificence through the eyes of a man still in awe of this city.

5) Central Park Conservancy With over 13 distinct tours to showcase Central Park, you can easily find one best suited for you. The site includes levels of accessibility so it’ll certainly be difficult to say “no” to this guided tour.

Check out these great free guided tours to take advantage of this pleasant Spring weather!Walking is an easy to do exercise and when you’re strolling with a beautiful landscape you won’t feel the calories melting away.  MaxWell Medical wants you to WALK THIS WAY!

5 Winter Escapes: To Keep You in NYC


When the weather outside is frightful…grab some hot cocoa and get delightful! Your holiday to-do list is getting longer and longer and the hordes of tourists, shoppers, and men dressed up as Santa Claus are enough to make you want to flee. Before you rush out of the city, MaxWell Medical wants you to check out these 5 local escapes that will get you into a less “Bah Humbug” and more “Joy to the World” kind of mood.

5 Winter Escapes:

1)      3rd Ward– Get your creative juices flowing at this Brooklyn crafts location. Experiment with ribbons and tools to make this holiday gift giving a work of art!

2)      Russian & Turkish Baths– Serving up “unexpected paradise” in New York since 1892, this facility will quite literally wash away your worries.

3)      Brooklyn Boulders–  It isn’t Mount Everest but, as the largest indoor rock climbing facility in NY, you’ll feel like a mountaineer without all the frostbite.

4)      Zankel Hall (at Carnegie Hall)-  Get into the holiday spirit by viewing some private photos of the Fab 4, the Beatles. Take a step back in time without spending a dime!

5)      Jane’s Carousel– Open to the public since September of this year, this well-kept secret in DUMBO will keep you nostalgic and make great new memories!

Let this winter be the season to try something new. These near-by destinations will have you fall in love with NY all over again. Before you get into hibernation mode or become a scrooge, MaxWell Medical wants you to BE MERRY!

Falling for Fall: 4 Places for Fall Foliage

Next to summer in the city, there’s nothing better than NYC during autumn. There’s a certain amount of romance that makes you feel like you’re in a Woody Allen movie. Whether it’s donning on some extra layers or just watching the leaves change. Central Park doesn’t have to be your only escape from the city. MaxWell Medical has 4 Places for Fall Foliage that is a bus, train, car ride away.

4 Places for Fall Foliage

1)  Adirondack Park– This Park is the largest National Historic Landmark Park but, it’s not just known for its vivid history. The foliage makes for a breathtaking landscape and has been said to inspire the great works of Longfellow, Thoreau, Einstein and the Roosevelt’s and maybe even you!

2)  Niagara Falls State Park-   The grand waterfall makes for a far more fascinating view of fall foliage.  Enjoy a walk on the Upper Great Gorge Trail that leads to the Whirlpool Rapids to see more spectacular scenery.

3)  Old Westbury Gardens  This majestic estate is located only 30 minutes from NYC. Take a tour inside the Charles II mansion or walk around the 200+ acres of formal gardens and landscaped grounds.

4) Connetquot River State Park Preserve– With over 3000 acres of land, there is plenty to do at this park. Whether you would rather hike or go Horseback riding, this park has beautiful views along the Connetquot River.

Break out the turtlenecks and get your walking stick ready for these fantastic places to check out fall foliage. Why stay inside when there is still so much to do in and out of NYC? MaxWell Medical wants to get out there and ADORE AUTUMN!

Get an instant Fall Foliage Report, here

NYC Summer Bucket List

Before you bundle up in a sweater, take that first sip of Hot Cocoa and smell the crisp autumn air… make the most of the last dog days of summer. There’s nothing quite like summer in the city. Whether it’s taking in a free show, eating food from a cart, or riding your bike with a view of the concrete jungle… NYC has it all! MaxWell Medical has created our very own NYC Summer Bucket List that’ll be sure to have you perspiring for more!

(Click each suggestion to find out more)

1)      Feel sand between your toes at:

Water Taxi Beach

Jones Beach

Long Beach

2)      View the sunset across the NYC skyline from

Top of the Rock

The Highline

Circle Line

3)      See a fireworks show at Coney Island. Only 3 more chances!

August 19th, 2011

August 26th, 2011

September 2nd, 2011

4)      Go bike riding at

Central Park 

Governors Island

Battery Park

5)      Visit each borough




6)      Enjoy a frozen treat off a truck (or free compliments of MaxWell Medical)

Mister Softee

 Ice Cream Truck


7)      Revel in eating in outdoor seating at the

Shake Shack

Frying Pan


8)      Jam out at a free concert at


Bryant Park

Summer Stage

9)      Grab some popcorn for a free outdoor movie at

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bryant Park

Coney Island

10)   Take in a bird eye’s view of NYC from

Helicopter Ride

Roosevelt Island Tram

Empire State Building Observatory

Carpe Diem, Seize the day! Do everything you can to take in some HOT FUN IN THE SUN!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Tips for Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is upon us! It’s that wonderful time again, where you’ll overpay for a ticket that has one connecting flight and a two hour layover, which is a plus because it beats mind numbing traffic. Unless you enjoy traveling at a snail’s pace with endless loop of Dora and Diego reverberating off the windows. At least the former methods definitely beats arm rest wrestling with the loud ipod guy on the $20 dollar mega bus.

Whether you’re on plane, train or automobiles, long car rides and flights can take a tremendous toll on your body and health. While we are usually cautious as to what we eat or drink in our daily lives, we also need to pay close attention to our physical well being when traveling. Here are some tips to help you make your travels safer:

Traveling by Plane

  • Pack lightly, save your back and shoulders the extra stress by leaving behind things you don’t need. Coordinate your outfits so you need fewer clothes.
  • Don’t lift your carry-on luggage into the luggage rack – Let the flight attendant help you.
  • Reserve an aisle seat – There are many benefits to this. You have more space. You can get up easier and don’t have to twist and contort your body as much.
  • Use a seat support – If you have your own, this is the best. Otherwise, make sure you have an extra blanket and/or pillow for back support. Recline your seat as often as possible. You take pressure off your back by doing this.
  • Stay hydrated while you fly.

Traveling by Bus/Train

  • Stretch your body and prepare your mind for the journey ahead. Stretch your arms, legs and your whole body and at the same time, go over your trip in your head. You’ll be mentally and physically preparing yourself or a long journey.
  • Get off the bus/train and stretch your legs whenever it stops. The body and mind can go crazy if it’s still in one position for too long. So take advantage when the bus stops to get some fresh air.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. You’re not driving, so this is the perfect time to let your mind wander and just enjoy yourself.

Traveling by Car

  • Check your back pocket. Many people keep a lot of things in their wallet. Remove it because it makes you lean slightly to one side, which is not good for your back because your leaning position will create undue force on it.
  • Check your belt. Is it tight on your waist? If yes, loosen your belt. Always remember, a tighter waistline puts more pressure on your lower back.
  • You can provide great relief to your back just by making some small adjustments in your sitting position. The idea is to make it more bearable and more comfortable for you – you can do this by moving the seat a little lower or higher or moving it a little back or ahead.
  • Don’t drive for long hours at a stretch. If you keep driving without taking any break, this is the worst thing you will be doing not only to your back but also to your car.
  • So next time, you’re tapping your fingers impatiently waiting in traffic or at airport check-in, breathe easily knowing that these travel tips by MaxWell Medical can help you TRAVEL COMFORTABLY!


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