Brrr: 5 Tips to Sweat it Out in the Cold!

You barely survived the holidays or these frigid temps around Valentine’s Day, the last thing on your mind is taking a step outdoors where it’s cold and miserable. It’s hard during the winter to stick to a work-out but, MaxWell Medical has 5 tips to help you battle the cold weather and get motivated!

5 Tips to Help you Sweat it Out in the Cold:

1)      Bundle Up!—Layering is an absolute must to be ready for the cold weather. Prepare further by placing your clothes in the dryer beforehand so you’re nice and toasty. Runners recommend wearing mittens instead of gloves, to increase shared body warmth.

2)      Be a Winter Ninja— You look like the abominable snowman but, your face and your neck are still exposed to the elements. Be sure to put on a face mask like the balaclava to cover your face and neck from the cold. You’d rather look silly than suffer frostbite later.

3)      Warm-Up—what better way to get your body warmer than stretching? Do a 10-minute workout inside to get your blood flowing and make the transition to outside easier.

4)      Footgear— You don’t have to be a work-out enthusiastic to know that colder weather brings about icier conditions on the roads and pavement. Make sure your shoes have proper traction so that you’re walking instead of ice skating.

5)      H20 and SPH— Water and sunblock may seem like items you’ll only need during warmer weather work-outs but, these items are just as crucial during winter. Your body is still losing fluids from sweat and respiration. Runners recommend using petroleum jelly and sunscreen to avoid chaffing and sunburn.

You don’t have to be a polar bear to enjoy this weather. MaxWell Medical wants you to use these tips and BEAR THE COLD!

New Flatiron Location!

flatiron locationHELLO FLATIRON!

We will be officially arriving JUNE 2015! Stay tuned for updates! Our NEW office will be located on 54 W 21st Street! We’re scoping out the area for our neighbors to tell them the good news! If you live or work in the area. We’d love to know. Send us an email at or leave a comment here!

Referral REWARDS

MXW_Spring 2105-page-0

Spring has SPRUNG! We’ve shed our winter weather wear and we are ready to take on the raising temps, the AC blasting on subways, friendlier folks, and the pollen! (… well, maybe not the pollen!)

This Spring season invite your coworkers, friends and family to share in the magic that is being pain-free with MaxWell Medical! As an added bonus for each person you refer you receive a reward! Just be sure to have them mention your name!

Aloha From MaxWell Medical

Aloha From MaxWell Medical

We’re kicking off the end of the summer a Labor Day Luau! Join us for some Leis, limo, and luau fun starting Wednesday, August 28th to Wednesday, September 4th!



Congratulations to our awesome Insurance Specialist Christian Filiberto and wife Erica! We wish you all the best!

Moneyball; Cashing in the Bases Instead of Stealing Them: An Exercise to Get You Back in the Swing of Things

The ultimate baseball junkies’ movie, Moneyball tells an underdog story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful  attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.

Dumbbell Swing Exercise- It may not get you to the World Series but, at least you’ll be able to step out on the mound. Just by grabbing a dumbbell you can get a total body workout in a minimal amount of time.

  1. With an overhand grip grab the dumbbell and hold it one hand in front of your waist at arm’s length.
  2. Set your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your lower back slightly arched, bend at your hips and knees and lower your torso until it forms a 45-degree angle to the floor.
  3. Then, swing the dumbbell between your legs.
  4. Make sure to keep your arm straight, thrust your hips forward, straighten your knees, and swing the dumbbell up to above your head as you rise to standing position.
  5. Continue to keep your arm straight and the reverse the movement and swing the dumbbell back between your legs.

Swing the weight back and forth forcefully. Try doing 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions, resting 60- 90 seconds between sets. Use the heaviest weight that allows you to complete all of your reps with perfect form. Switch hands so that you’re swinging the dumbbell with your other arm.

2012 Oscar Nominees: Bound to Make you a Winner!

The 2012 Oscars are days away and we want you to be red carpet ready, even if you’re just watching from your living room couch! We’ve been inspired to get you motivated! Don’t just watch the movies this year; spend an afternoon or three getting physical with MaxWell Medical’s Best Picture Inspired Exercises.

Starting today until the day leading up to the Academy Awards we will be featuring a new exercise or strength that’ll keep you away from the popcorn and off the couch!

Nominees for Best Picture (that we based an exercise on) are:

  1. Moneyball
  2. Hugo
  3. War Horse
  4. The Tree of Life
  5. Midnight in Paris

There’s no business like show business but, we definitely know more about having you get healthy and staying that way. MaxWell Medical wants you to incorporate any of these exercises to ensure that you WIN MORE!

Sneak Peak: Behind the Scenes with MaxWell Medical

We’re ready for our close up! Last month, our Wall Street location was transformed into a video shoot featuring some stars you know and love and some you’ll get to know and love.

Check out the behind the scenes footage with team MaxWell and the film crew.

Behind the Scenes from MaxWell Medical on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes (part 2) from MaxWell Medical on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes (part 3) from MaxWell Medical on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for the premiere of our video on facebook and twitter!

2012: Ring it in with the NEW YOU!

I know, I know. A new year comes with a new set of resolutions and a new set of disappointments. You find yourself paying for a monthly gym membership that you haven’t been to since February and reverting back to last year you almost immediately…This year MaxWell Medical wants you to try something different. Tear up that list and use our tip guide to ease into 2012 as a better YOU!

5 Tips to get you 2012 ready!

1)      Dear Food Diary- Don’t lie to your food journal about a few snacks throughout the week. Use your journal to keep track of the good, bad, and innutritious! Reflect back and see where you could improve and set reminders to grab some almonds instead of a chocolate bar.

2)      Take a breath or two or three- Or just keep breathing. Take the time waiting for the subway, holding on the phone to take a few extra deep breaths. Some extra oxygen to the brain will always keep you positive and energized!

3)      Working on your fitness in style- Get motivated with a great new outfit or cool sneakers to head the gym. Why buy it if you’re not going to show it off at the gym? (your clothes, I mean)

4)      Don’t sweat the small stuff- It’s easy to say but, it’s harder to do. You miss your train by a few seconds; you spell coffee on your new shirt, stay calm and carry on. It’s a great mantra to live by!

5)      Volunteer- As cheesy as it may sound, there’s no more gratifying feeling than helping those less fortunate. Get out there! There are tons of charities where you can donate your time, money, or energy!

Want some more tips? Keep an eye out for our New Year’s card in the mail or any of our three locations. MaxWell Medical wants you to BE WELL in 2012!

Rock Star of the Month: Ferwah Rizvi

She’s our pint size Office Manager with a deluxe size personality. She’s up for anything exciting and just came back from a trip to Vegas. But, there’s more to Ferwah Rizvi, our Rock star of the Month than just her winning smile! Born in Karachi, Pakistan she is not one to sway away from an adventure. She has ridden on horses, camels and even elephants! Ferwah is a staff and patient favorite and there are endless reasons why.

We were able to catch up to our adventure junkie to find out some interesting things about her!

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Ferwah

1)      For the past 6 summers, I’ve built houses in Tijuana, Mexico.

2)      My experience in Mexico inspired me to establish the NY Agents of Change. (Volunteer group working with Esperanza International Organization)

3)      In my youth I enjoyed rides on camels on the beaches of Clifton, Pakistan.

4)      I prefer chocolate chip cookies over the finest delicacies.

5)      I have a very distinct laugh. (This may be the reason people opt out of watching movies with me)

6)      I can karate chop through three wooden blocks with my head…. (not)

7)      I’m a total adventure junkie, I’ve gone skydiving four times, cliff diving, kayaking, and white water rafting, and played intense games of paintball.

8)      Although, I do not hesitate to go into the ocean, pool or river, I do not know how to swim.

9)      I have difficulty telling left from right but, only when I’m navigating in a car.

10)   I get motion sickness from crossing the street.

Ferwah has been with MaxWell Medical from the very beginning and launched most of the initiatives that make our office great! She is now the Office Manager of our newest location at 99 Wall Street.