MAY We Help With Your Self Care?

Can we help you take care of yourself this Mental Health Awareness Month? Absolutely! The question is, MAY we help you? Read on to see the benefits of a massage on your mental and emotional state!

HOT Tips to Keep Earth COOL

As Earth Day draws near, we should keep in mind that April 22nd isn’t the only day we should take care of our planet — it’s every day! Here are some simple lifestyle swaps that can help you go green!


How Chiropractic Care Connects With America's Favorite Pastime Erle V. Painter is just as famous in the chiropractic world as Babe Ruth is in the sports world. For all thirteen years he was on the Yankees’ payroll, he was widely considered one of the most valuable men to the team despite not hitting a single... Continue Reading →

Where MaxWell Stands on Standing Desks

Many workplace innovations have been suggested and implemented to improve workplace ergonomics — ie. yoga balls, treadmills, and standing desks. There has been a link between reducing sedentary time and improving physical, mental and metabolic health. Sitting for long hours has been linked to stress-related injuries, back and neck pain and so many other issues.... Continue Reading →

Last-Minute V-Day Gifts for your Significant Other!

Cupid never misses, and neither should you. If you’re still looking for a last-minute gift for your beloved valentine, here are a few MaxWell Medical-approved gifts that are guaranteed to hit the spot: Don’t mask your feelings!- Keep your significant other AND your relationship bright and glowing by gifting them collagen-soaked Korean sheet masks; the ultimate... Continue Reading →

Summer Essentials

Before you head out the door this summer be sure to grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and bottled water... and a roller ball or two! Essential oils have been around for years and their benefits are widely known. Technically speaking, aromatic molecules of essential oils interact with sensors in your nasal cavity, lungs, pores, and more.... Continue Reading →

Wellness @ Work

Are you and your co-workers in need of some TLC? Here at MaxWell Medical we understand that a wellness program can make you feel relaxed, less stressed and far more productive. Find out how you can benefit from on-site chair massage workshop, stretching seminar, mindful meditation and so much more! 

Spring is in the Air!

You get a reward! You get a reward! And YOUUUUU get a reward!!! All SPRING long if you refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to our office, you'll receive a reward as appreciation for sending someone new to us! Find out more by giving us a call today!

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