This Movie is Toe-rrific!: An exercise inspired by “Black Swan”


Black Swan- A  ballet dancer wins the lead in “Swan Lake” and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan – Princess Odette – but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odette’s evil sister, Odile, the Black Swan.

  • Standing Calf Raise – Natalie Portman spent over six months of intense training in order to accomplish her role as a professional ballet dancer. You may be shaking your head already at the thought of working out that much.  But instead of all that, here is a very simple exercise that will help stabilize your ankles, strengthen your calf muscles, and may even remind you of some of the graceful moves from the movie Black Swan. 

*And as a bonus, if you do these in your office your co workers may think you are slowly losing mind your mind too!

1.     Find a set of stairs, a large book, or any sort of platform about 5 inches or higher and position yourself so you can hold onto a railing, a door, or a wall.

2.     You should be balanced on the balls of your feet, with your heels hanging off the step. This is the starting and ending position of a calf raise.

3.     Slowly, rise up on your toes. Your body should make a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders.

4.     Slowly, lower yourself back down. Make each movement count.

5.     As a beginner, start off with 25-30 reps (repetitions). As you become more experienced, you could potentially do up to four sets of 25 reps, or even more.

Movies that make you Move!

Well the Academy awards are finally here! Which as we all know means red carpets, over the top performances, unexpected upsets and…therapeutic stretching and exercise? Okay, so maybe this is all a bit of a stretch (no pun intended).

Many today feel that going to the movies simply means sitting back, relaxing, grabbing a huge bucket of butter laden popcorn, and enjoying the show. But not us! Sure there’s nothing wrong with those things, but MaxWell has Oscars on the brain! And that means that the ever diligent staff at MaxWell Medical, whose goal is to always increase your health and wellness, has been inspired by this year’s nominees for Best Picture to help you out of your seat, move around, and also stay active.

How you may ask? Well this week, once per day, we will be posting a best picture inspired exercise/stretch that you can do almost anywhere, even in the office or at home. Don’t panic though, we promise they are quick and easy to do, and you will feel great afterwards.

So with that in mind the Nominees for Best Picture that we based an exercise on are!…

1.      The Social Network
2.      Black Swan
3.      127 Hours
4.      The Kings Speech
5.      The Fighter

Now keep in mind these techniques may not make you laugh or cry like that all time favorite movie of yours.  But at the end of the day spending a few extra minutes on exercises like these will help you stay healthy, and feel your best. And at MaxWell we feel there is no Award better than that.