Summer Slimdown: 4 Cardio Exercises that Burn Calories

The summer just kicked off and you’ve spent your time counting calories, counting down calories, calculating calories lost and you’ve rather be doing anything else. It not every day that summer in this city isn’t muggy, smelly, or plain ole’ unbearable. Take advantage of the week ahead by incorporating these activities along the pier, with friends, or even to and from work. Try any of these exercises for 60 minutes and burn over hundreds of calories.

4 Cardio Exercises that Burn Calories

1)     Running- Try running around a track or even around the pier to get some sun and fresh air. Rentals are available all throughout the city.

120 lbs— 545 cals

150 lbs— 681 cals

180 lbs— 817 cals

2)     Biking- Biking in Central Park can be fun and dodging all the pedestrians can move along 60 minutes quickly.

120 lbs— 472 cals

150 lbs— 562 cals

180 lbs— 684 cals

3)     Swimming- Now we wouldn’t recommend the Hudson for obvious reasons. Eek. Try your local gym when it’s too hot to be anywhere else.

120 lbs— 472 cals

150 lbs— 563 cals

180 lbs— 654 cals

4)     Dancing- Some intense dancing can really get you sweating off the calories. Just be sure to dance to a beat that’ll keep you moving

120 lbs— 511 cals

150 lbs— 601 cals

180 lbs— 695 cals

Make the most of your summer with these fun cardio exercises. The only calories worth counting are the ones you’re burning off. MaxWell Medical wants you to BURN MORE!

Don’t PACK on the Pounds! STEEL this idea!

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO…  YES, YES, YES, YES, YES… Depending on which team you’ll be rooting for on Superbowl Sunday, those two words may be the only thing coming out of your mouth. But judging by the usual Superbowl Sunday menu item, the food entering your mouth is what you should be saying “No” or “Yes” to.

When did Superbowl Sunday become a holiday? It feels like people are cooking and ordering more food on this day then they would on Christmas or even Thanksgiving. Yes, the Superbowl received 106.5 million viewers last year, but we can give you 106.5 million reasons why you should avoid eating 13 Buffalo wings, 6 slices of pizza, 3 hamburgers, 2 bags of chips and drinking half a case of beer. Well maybe not 106.5 million reasons but, we can give you 5 healthy and tasty dishes you can use to replace that recipe for your diet disaster.

Bad Menu

Pizza Slice-

Plain slice- 290 calories and 10g of fat. Pepperoni slice- 340 calories and 12g of fat.

Buffalo Wings-

Five Buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese- 600 calories and over 40g of fat.

Bacon Cheeseburger-

A bacon cheeseburger- 737 calories and 47.3g of fat.

Bag of Chips, Nachos with cheese-

Chips (1 serving)- 160 calories and 11g of fat. Nachos w/ cheese (40 chips)- 1,100 calories and 59g of fat.

Beer or Soda-

12 oz. beer- 145 calories and 10.6g of carbs. A 12 oz of soda- 140 calories and 39g of carbs.

5 Healthy Replacements

Grilled Chicken Salad-

This salad contains 340 calories and 10g of fat.

Oven Fried Chicken Tenders-

Chicken tenders- 280 calories and 8g of fat.

Turkey Burgers-

Turkey Burger w/ whole wheat buns- 250 calories and 8g of fat.

Bake Chips and Wholly Guacamole Classic –

Baked chips (1 serving) – 110 calories and 3g of fat. Guacamole dip-50 calories and 4g of fat.

Water or Diet Coke –

Water contains 0 calories. Diet Coke-0 calories and 40mg of sodium.

Instead of feeling bloated and 10 pounds heavier, eat light and you’ll feel light while doing your end-zone dance to a Superbowl victory. If the team you’re rooting for wins… GOODLUCK!