Tricky Treats: Healthy Halloween Tips

Reeses, twizzlers, snickers, jolly ranchers, the chocolatey nugget, yummy melt in your mouth candy that you resist all year is now in your hands. It is the one time of the year where all rules are set aside and you devour the sugary candy with no regret. That is until you step on that scale! But, this halloween by-pass the yearly conundrum by following some our favorite tips:

  • It may be tough having candy around the house for all the trick or treaters. But, one way to keep yourself from munching on the “leftover” candy is to buy candy that you don’t like. You’ll be less likely to sneak a bite of piece of candy you don’t enjoy eating.
  • Portions, portions, portions! Have that piece of chocolate. Don’t let it turn into a bunch! Have one hershey kiss for example and it could keep those cravings away by savoring that yummy kiss.
  • Instead of reaching for the candy bar, reach for a healthier alternative such as a granola bar or even some delicious fruit.
  • While you can’t escape the office candy bowls, instead of divulging yourself, take a minute to take a break and get some fresh air. Those mid-day slumps can cause cravings that you can stave away but taking a little walk outside. And not to mention burn calories!

Here are some other great ideas from

  • Let your kids make a trade. Allow them to pick one or two pieces of candy they want to keep, and then tell them that they can trade the rest of the candy for something else. For instance, a new toy or books, a fun activity with Mom and/or Dad, or maybe a playdate with a friend. Use your imagination!
  • Freeze the candy and use it for your holiday gingerbread house.
  • Make a care package and send the candy to someone in the military. Don’t know anyone personally? Check out Operation Shoebox.
  • Bring it into the office to share.
  • Some dentist offices will buy candy back from kids and then send the candy to troops.

Here are some candy alternatives to give the trick or treaters:

Temporary tattoos
Fancy erasers
Pencil toppers
Small novelty toys
False teeth
Miniature magnifying glasses
Plastic jewelry/decoder rings
Sugar-free candy
Granola bars
sugar free gum
miniature raisin boxes
single serving nut packets

So this halloween, have no fear! You Gouls and Gals can still be healthy while tricking and treating with the best of them!