Super Bowl Snack Swaps!


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO…  YES, YES, YES, YES, YES… Depending on which team you’ll be rooting for on Super bowl Sunday, those two words may be the only thing coming out of your mouth. But judging by the usual Super bowl Sunday menu items, the food entering your mouth is what you should be saying “No” or “Yes” to.

When did Super bowl Sunday become a holiday? It feels like people are cooking and ordering more food on this day then they would on Christmas or even Thanksgiving. Yes, the Super bowl received 106.5 million viewers last year, but we can give you 106.5 million reasons why you should avoid eating 13 Buffalo wings, 6 slices of pizza, 3 hamburgers, 2 bags of chips and drinking half a case of beer. Well, maybe not 106.5 million reasons but, we’ve found some really great recipes for your Super Bowl party!

We munch and crunch our way through the game.. But, are the French fries, wings, soda/beers really worth it when your team is finally at the end zone?

Swap your greasy snacks to make sure you’re always WINNING!

Check out the link to SNACK BETTER: Healthy Super Bowl Snack Swaps!

Hunger Games: 3 Tips to Eat Lunch on a Time Crunch!

And they’re off! Come 12 pm there are thousands of New Yorkers scurrying to the nearest lunch spot to devour any sustenance before dashing right back to the office. An hour lunch seems impossible when dealing with lines outside and around the corner at Chipotle, slow elevators, and indecision. Especially when you’re the one picked to represent the troops and supply your co-workers with their Venti Mocha Frappucino with an extra shot of express and every other 6 word drink order at Starbucks, suddenly the Hunger Games don’t seem so terrible. Here are 3 tips to help you eat your lunch, not your time!

3 Tips to Eat Lunch on a Time Crunch:

1)      Brown Paper Bag It- Your mom doesn’t have to do it but, it sure would be nice. Preparing your lunch along with any snacks you want the night prior or morning of will give you enough time to dodge pedestrians for your favorite seat to enjoy that sandwich on rye.

2)      Proportions- Eating smaller meals throughout the day will get your metabolism going and your brain functioning as well. And as an added bonus you won’t have to fight herds of people during normal lunch rush hours just to get an apple!

3)      Don’t Skip It- In this economy especially, we’re busy bees, burning the midnight oil, and any other analogy you can think of for working hard. But, don’t skip lunch you won’t think as clearly on an empty stomach. Use sites like or to deliver your meal to you!

Quiet your grumbling tummy with these time-saving tips for eating lunch in our crazy city. But, if you find yourself out during peak lunch hours scrambling for some food we hope that “the odds be ever in your favor.” Make the most of your lunch break! MaxWell Medical wants you to CONSUME SMARTER!

5 Tips on How to Stay on a Paleo Diet

We’ve succumb to the NutriSystem, counted calories on Weight Watchers, suffered health risks on Atkins’s, followed the fad with the Grapefruit Diet, and listened to Jared and indulged in 5-inch subs at Subway. It’s referred to as “humanity’s healthiest diet” and many members of our team swear by it. The Paleolithic Diet is increasing in its devotees and it’s easy to see why. Following the Paleo Diet leaves people feeling more energetic, leaner, and subsequently…healthier. MaxWell Medical turned to our resident Paleo Coach, Dr. Hall to get some tips on transitioning to a Paleolithic Way of Life!

5 Tips on How to Stay on a Paleo Diet

1)      Add, don’t remove – Dr. Hall encourages that you address the deficiencies in your diet first by packing your meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Find vegetables you love and eat as much and as often as you like.

2)      Say goodbye – Once you have added fresh produce and you’re ready to take the next big step, bid a fine farewell to grains, sugar, and dairy. Our bodies didn’t evolve to thrive on grains and the pasteurized version of milk we drink today. Eliminate them gradually and your body will thank you.

3)      Where’s the BEEF?- Contrary to popular belief, red meat does not lead to heart disease nor increases in cholesterol levels (and even if it did, there is paltry legitimate evidence that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. That’s right!)  But make sure you know your meat. Ensuring that the beef you’re eating is grass-fed and hormone/antibiotic free makes all the difference.

4)      EAT – Simply said, eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Our ancestors ate until they were satisfied because they never knew where their next meal would come from.  You do…but as long as you’re not eating carbohydrate/sugar rich foods and you’re eating real, healthy food, you can eat as much as you want.  How nice is that? 

5)      Snack Attack – Much like other diets, it’ll take time to transition into a Paleolithic Way of Life. But, once your body adjusts to burning fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel, you’ll find you don’t need to snack since your body will have a constant stream of fuel…body fat!. And your meals will keep you satisfied with sustained energy that will last you through the day.

Don’t believe the hype, try it for yourself. These tips provided by Dr. Hall will be sure to help you along the way.  Not all people transition to this way of eating the same, so see what works best for you – and feel free to ask Dr. Hall any questions you may have. MaxWell Medical wants you to EAT SMARTER.