Happy, Healthy Heart

Roses are red, violets are blue, this month check on your heart, to set yourself up for a healthy start! February is the month of LOVE and National Heart Health month. It’s time to show your heart some extra love and tenderness. Check out these 5 Tips to Improve your Heart Health: Down with PCP-... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up With New Year’s Resolutions

We've reached the end of January. It’s cold and wet and the perfect setting for sitting back and contemplating life and it’s intricacies.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I have yet to pick a new year's resolution for 2022. Most years it’s been easy. Reducing my use of plastic water bottles, answering phone calls... Continue Reading →

MAY We Help With Your Self Care?

Can we help you take care of yourself this Mental Health Awareness Month? Absolutely! The question is, MAY we help you? Read on to see the benefits of a massage on your mental and emotional state!

Super Bowl Snack Swaps!

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO…  YES, YES, YES, YES, YES… Depending on which team you’ll be rooting for on Super bowl Sunday, those two words may be the only thing coming out of your mouth. But judging by the usual Super bowl Sunday menu items, the food entering your mouth is what you should be... Continue Reading →

Health Fix Mixes: 5 Juice Recipes that Cleanse

“Juice Cleansing” has gotten a bad rap. Sorry Beyoncé, the Lemon Detox Diet isn’t going to cut it anymore. Lemon with a splash of cayenne pepper won’t keep you going after a few hours let alone an entire day. The real goal of a juice cleanse shouldn’t just be the weight loss, juicing should energize... Continue Reading →

Super Smoothie Tasting with Jill

Eek. Where has the time gone? It's the holidays! Our to-do list is miles long. We've barely made it through Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday Shopping. Now we're a few days away from the beginning of Winter and only weeks away from our New Year's Resolution of getting fit and reaching our wellness goals for... Continue Reading →

Cubicle Cues: Protect Your Head

Hold your HEAD up high! One of our worst habits when working at a computer, is holding our head forward to read the screen. Many of us do it without even realizing it! This posture can often result in chronic discomfort and pain including headaches, neck pain and back pain, just to name a few.... Continue Reading →

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