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Love on the Brain!

Valentine’s Day got you seeing red? No matter where you look, it seems as though everyone has been bit by the love bug. There are special Valentine’s Day sales, gift ideas for that special someone at every drug store, and overpriced, over booked restaurants for a table of two. This V-day ignore the hype of this Hallmark mandated day of love and learn the reasons why you feel like you’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow, singing a special tune, or feeling like you’re on cloud 9. Science is the source behind that “shaky-knees-butterflies-in-stomach-sweaty-palms” euphoric feeling of love.  Hormones produced within our bodies are the real culprits that stimulate these common symptoms of love.

Five Hormones that Activate the Love Spell are:

1) Adrenaline

Feeling: Walking into a room filled with people you spot your special someone and your heart begins to race.

Explanation: Adrenaline is the body’s response to accelerated stress factors. It increases your heart rate and expands air passages. That spark of excitement may just be the extra dose of oxygen through your blood vessels.

2) Dopamine

Feeling: Only date three and you can’t stop talking about that person. You’re gushing about how great they are—you’re simply infatuated.

Explanation: Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter that affects your emotional response and your ability to experience pleasure and pain. The feeling of euphoria in the early stages of a relationship is triggered by the release of dopamine.

3) Phenylethylamine

Feeling: Every time your eyes meet, your hands touch, or you hold one another in a loving embrace there is just “chemistry”.

Explanation: Besides being produced in your body, Phenylethylamine is found in chocolate, cheese, and certain wines. Phenylethylamine helps to elevate mood, balance blood pressure and induces the feeling you get that is associated with love and passion.

4) Vasopressin

Feeling: You’ve found your soul mate; no one else can complete you, you are the yin to their yang.

Explanation: Found in the pituitary gland and in the brain, this hormone doesn’t just regulate the body’s retention of water. Vasopressin receptors in the brain are linked to social behavior, particularly our choices in forming pair-bonds.

5) Oxytocin

Feeling: It’s raining and you two are sharing an umbrella and the moment calls for a loving embrace and a kiss.

Explanation: This feeling of romance can affect our neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin and these receptors trigger oxytocin. Something as simple as a kiss can create a spark and leave us with the sensation of love.

You’re now equipped with a better understanding of how our bodies are behaving when in love. But, don’t allow hormones and its variants remove the romance from love this V-day. Buy some chocolate, wear red, and celebrate however you’d like. Whether you are with someone or flying solo these hormones and receptors can be triggered at any time, so be prepared! MaxWell Medical wants you to spend not just Valentine’s Day, but every day IN LOVE.