Do More: MaxWell Medical Partners with Ronald McDonald House of New York


Last week was an incredibly heartfelt day for our team. We often work with organizations to help people suffering from pain and discomfort and this time it was a very special evening for us. We were honored to partner with Ronald McDonald House of New York to provide massages for mothers and fathers of children who are battling cancer.

Ronald McDonald House is an organization & facility located on 73rd Street in Manhattan centrally located near 13 major cancer treatment centers in New York. The House welcomes children and families from across the country and the world and can accommodate 84 families.

At the Ronald McDonald House of New York they support each family, and coordinate emotional and physical services, psychological care, ministry support, wellness programs, tutors, music, art, transportation, activities for siblings, holiday and birthday parties, and camaraderie for parents struggling with their child’s cancer diagnosis.

This past Friday we were privileged enough to do our part in helping these parents. Part of our philosophy at MaxWell Medical is to do more. It is important for us to give back any time we can. We strive everyday to help our patients and community Do More!