Smart Shopper: Tips for Holiday Shopping

It’s 4am and you can no longer feel your toes from the cold. The doors finally open at Best Buy, and the line has moved only a few inches. You can’t help but mull over moments in your life you regret; that perm in the early 90’s and now this, missing family time just to score a 52-inch flat screen on sale. To add insult to injury, as you are elbowing your neighbor in the jugular for the deal, you get a text from your buddy letting you know that they just bought the same exact TV at a cheaper cost, online, still in his pajamas!

Black and Blue Friday has come and gone. People often assume that the best deals only come around on that particular day, but don’t let the advertisements fool you. You can get great deals and sales on any day of the week. You just have to know that today is your day!

Here are 10 tips on being a great holiday shopper:

1. Look for Exclusive Deals.

  • Check out Facebook, Newsletters, and e-mails from retail giants for exclusive advertising.
  • Retailers will be using these forms of marketing to offer customers great deals.

2. Start to Collect Coupons

  • Start collecting store coupons as well as web browsing for online coupons.
  • Store your coupons in a folder and place them in alphabetical order so nothing will be misplaced.

3. Combine Coupons

  • Pay close attention to coupons that can be combined with other coupons to increase your savings.
  • There are plenty of online websites that you can get coupons, but don’t forget about traditional media (newspapers, magazines). You can find plenty of coupons in print.

4. Check Retailers’ Rewards Programs

  • Retailers’ Rewards Clubs offer open membership and exclusive deals to bargain-hunting consumers who pay a fee to join.
  • Check the Internet for the many rewards clubs available. Go to Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine and enter: Consumer Rewards Clubs in the search box.

5. Look for Special Deals for Mobile Shoppers

  • This year retailers will be very aggressive in this form of marketing.
  • Look out for exclusive deals.

6. Prices Drop After Holidays

  • The best deals are offered the day after Christmas and New Years.
  • You will see a significant price cut in majority of the items you are interested in. The more patient you are, the better deals you’ll find.

7. Go Online to Compare Prices

  • Browse the internet or search from your mobile device to find compare deals.
  • There are plenty of websites to compare deals, but among the best are and

8. Credit Cards Might Have Deals

  • Many credit card companies offer special holiday deals, including bonus points, rewards gifts and discounts at certain national chains.
  • Watch your mail, your email, and check your credit card websites for these offers.

9. Be on the Lookout for Freebies

  • Freebies are being offered everywhere. Keep a look out.
  • Free gifts, bonus rewards and discounts are being offered by many retailers on certain items and for orders totaling $50, $100 or more.

10. Watch for After-Sale Offers Rewarding Customer Loyalty

  • To keep their old and new customers satisfied, retailers will offer plenty of exclusive deals throughout the year.
  • It’s never too early to begin your holiday shopping.

Here are 5 of the Best Coupon Websites:


  • offers as wide a variety of timely coupons as you’d find in the grocery shoppers’ gold standard (Ex. Sunday Paper).


  • keeps its discount fare fresh. Staffers update deals three times a day, and frequently check each coupon code to ensure it works.


  • covers a lot of ground, listing online coupon codes, printout coupons and free samples, among other types of discounts.


  • is a dedicated community and that’s what makes this site stand out. Users indicate whether a discount code worked for them or not, helping shoppers quickly filter out bad deals


  • merges local store sales and a wide array of printout coupons and online deals to help consumers maximize savings.

Here are Tips on the Best Days of the Week to Shop:

1. Sundays

  • Best day to do grocery/food shopping.

2. Mondays

  • Best day for online shopping.
  • Best day to shop for a new car.

3. Tuesdays

  • Best day for people who are moving. You will save a lot of money.

4. Wednesdays

  • Best day to purchase airline tickets.

5. Thursday (Evening)

  • Best day to buy new clothes.

6. Fridays

  • Best day for investors to buy stocks

7. Saturdays (Evening)

  • Best day for department store shopping

Shopping during the Seasons

1. Winter

  • Air conditioners
  • Furniture

2. Spring

  • Cell Phones
  • Cookware

3. Summer

  • Computers
  • Jewelry

4. Fall

  • Cars
  • Toys

There will be plenty of great deals and sales for everyone to take advantage of. We just want you to be well prepared for the shopping chaos ahead. MaxWell Medical wants you to SHOPSMARTER!


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