Super Smoothie Tasting with Jill


Eek. Where has the time gone? It’s the holidays! Our to-do list is miles long. We’ve barely made it through Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday Shopping. Now we’re a few days away from the beginning of Winter and only weeks away from our New Year’s Resolution of getting fit and reaching our wellness goals for 2014! We’re not sure what we’re dreading more? Have no fear this year, Super Smoothies with Jill is here!

As part of our Fall FREE Giveaways, the local health and lifestyle coach Jill Hoffman will be dropping by each of our offices with her nutritious and delicious smoothie samples. She’ll give our patients an exclusive chance to take home recipes to some of this season’s most scrumptious smoothie favorites!  (Hint: One will be made with pumpkin pie! Oh my!)

AND just for our MaxWell fans check out a teaser smoothie recipe for Beginner Green Smoothie.

Don’t miss out on some seriously, super smoothie samples!

Schedule for Smoothies: 

Wall Street Office on Tuesday, December 17th, 4-7pm

40th Street Office on Wednesday, December 18th, 11am – 2pm

58th Street Office on Thursday, December 19th, 11am- 2pm

52nd Street Office on Friday, December 20th, 11am – 2pm
Can’t wait until December 17th?
To get more info and download 5 healthy snack recipes on her website go to:
Check out her Facebook for wellness tips:
Or follow her on twitter for some healthy tweets:

Summer Slimdown: 4 Cardio Exercises that Burn Calories

The summer just kicked off and you’ve spent your time counting calories, counting down calories, calculating calories lost and you’ve rather be doing anything else. It not every day that summer in this city isn’t muggy, smelly, or plain ole’ unbearable. Take advantage of the week ahead by incorporating these activities along the pier, with friends, or even to and from work. Try any of these exercises for 60 minutes and burn over hundreds of calories.

4 Cardio Exercises that Burn Calories

1)     Running- Try running around a track or even around the pier to get some sun and fresh air. Rentals are available all throughout the city.

120 lbs— 545 cals

150 lbs— 681 cals

180 lbs— 817 cals

2)     Biking- Biking in Central Park can be fun and dodging all the pedestrians can move along 60 minutes quickly.

120 lbs— 472 cals

150 lbs— 562 cals

180 lbs— 684 cals

3)     Swimming- Now we wouldn’t recommend the Hudson for obvious reasons. Eek. Try your local gym when it’s too hot to be anywhere else.

120 lbs— 472 cals

150 lbs— 563 cals

180 lbs— 654 cals

4)     Dancing- Some intense dancing can really get you sweating off the calories. Just be sure to dance to a beat that’ll keep you moving

120 lbs— 511 cals

150 lbs— 601 cals

180 lbs— 695 cals

Make the most of your summer with these fun cardio exercises. The only calories worth counting are the ones you’re burning off. MaxWell Medical wants you to BURN MORE!

New Year, New You!

FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE… Unfortunately, this is not a countdown to the New Year. Five seconds is all it takes for someone to give up on their New Year’s resolution. Then, there are those that say to the world, “I’m going to lose weight in the New Year!” But minutes after the ball drops, they’re outside eating up their last, last, last slice of pizza (the third slice that night).

You can’t always blame it on a person’s will power. Some resolutions become harder the first week in and it just takes motivation and dedication in reaching your goal. It’s a little over two weeks into the New Year and MaxWell Medical wants to make sure you’ve set accomplishable resolutions for yourself as well as giving you a few tips to help you stick with them!

5 Tips to Help You Stick

  1. Be Realistic- Make sure your goal is attainable. Claiming that you will never shop again could be a bad choice. Reserve your shopping for only special occasions (Birthdays anniversaries, holidays, etc.).
  2. Set-up a Time Frame- Make sure you have a plan outlined. If your resolution is to lose 20 pounds, then write your target weight on a sheet of paper. Post it on your bathroom mirror so you begin each day reminded of your goal. Also, plan out your week to accommodate days to exercise. Avoid last minute planning because negative excuses can start adding up.
  3. Reinforce with Positive Feedback- Plan out how to deal with negative temptations. For example, seeing co-workers order high calorie fast food may cause you to feel tempted to do the same. Consider writing down some positive quotes on a post-it, or calling a friend that can take your mind off of it. Do whatever is necessary to keep you steered in the right direction.
  4. Track your Progress- Keep track of every each step you make towards reaching your goal. For example, if your target resolution is to save $100 each month, you should keep track of your daily expenses and create a budget for yourself for each week. By keeping note of your progress, your goal seems more attainable each day.
  5. Reward Yourself- Celebrate your successful progress by rewarding yourself to something you like. But make sure it does not contradict your resolution. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then don’t reward yourself with a slice of cake. Instead, enjoy a movie night with a friend.

MaxWell Medical Resolutions

Dr. Nicholas Hall (Chiropractor) – Improve his flexibility.

  • Dr. Hall exercises three or more days a week and he now sets aside 15-20 minutes before his workout to stretch.

Dr. Ron Nathanson (Chiropractor) – Incorporate more Yoga.

  • A little over two weeks into the year and Dr. Nathanson has doubled up his weekly yoga sessions.

Cesar Salce (Physical Therapy Assistant) – Try different foods.

  • Since the start of the New Year, Cesar has gone to several different restaurants to try other cultures famous dish.

Robert Steele (Orthopedic Massage Therapist) – Get in shape for his wedding.

  • We are midway through the month of January and Rob has joined in an office workout challenge. He replaced those high calorie lunches with a salad.

Melissa Soquite (Registered Physical Therapist) – Exercise more.

  • Melissa has wasted no time in changing her daily routines. She dropped that remote and hits the treadmill 3 times a week.

Thania D. Louisor (Insurance Department) – Eat healthier.

  • Since the ball dropped, Thania has been eating healthier by swapping donuts and fattening lattes for fresh fruit, egg whites and unsweetened tea.

Adelina Molina (Front Desk) – Get more organized.

  • Not only has Adelina organize her personal home space, but she has also completely organize her workspace.

Our staff has been taking their New Year’s resolution one step at a time and we want you to do the same. The first month may be the most difficult because you have to change your old routines. Make sure you surround yourself with positive individuals that can help you stay motivated in reaching your goal. But just remember, it all begins with you… That first day of the New Year is filled with possibility and promise. Our DO MORE campaign takes that feeling from January 1st and applies it for the entire year. This year MaxWell Medical wants you to REACH YOUR GOAL & DO MORE!