Global Giving: 5 Websites to get Involved


One click is all it takes to find your elementary school crush who now lives in Wisconsin with her husband, three kids, two dogs and… she just accepted your friend request. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube have now made our once private lives accessible to the world. With more than 500 million active users and counting, people can chat with their family, receive updates and status changes from long lost friends and poke their neighbors all in a matter of seconds. Yes, we are the viral generation! Where face time no longer means meeting someone for a coffee in person. Instead, your friend is streaming live onto your iPhone. These social media platforms provide us with up to date news coverage on the crisis in the Middle East, a politician’s infidelities, and your favorite basketball player’s ACL tear on the court. The information age has granted us the luxury of 24/7 global accessibility.

With this access, we no longer rely on newspapers, magazines or the ten o’clock news. Recent disasters occurring around the world are being broadcasted to us instantly. The year began with a devastating earthquake in Haiti, followed by another earthquake in Chile, Turkey, China, and Indonesia, a heat wave in Russia, a massive flooding in Pakistan and BP’s oil spill that caused 172 million gallons to gush into the Gulf of Mexico. Reporters could not fully cover all the devastations around the globe. Instead, people directly suffering from these disasters have turned to Twitter and Facebook to report the death tolls, the shortage of water and news of other impending crisis.

Now Japan is the latest country to be impacted by a devastating quake of 8.9 magnitude and the aftershocks have raised concerns for a real nuclear crisis. As a citizen of the world, many people feel compelled to do something, reach out and lend a helping hand. And social media has enhanced the convenience of giving. Whether it occurred in your area, or thousands of miles away, social media has stirred a revolution and helped bring people together. With just the click of a mouse, or a simple text message you can donate to the organization of your choice. Unfortunately, not everything published on the internet is accurate and reliable. MaxWell Medical has put together a list of 5 websites to help inspire change locally and globally.

5 Websites to Get Involved

  1. American Red Cross– This non-profit organization has been around since 1881, and is always the first humanitarian organization to provide emergency assistance all over the world.
  2. Global Giving – This non-profit organization is an online market place that was created in 2002. It is changing the way people give, offering donors a transparent, high-impact giving experience. You choose where you want your money to go, and they get it there, quickly and efficiently.
  3. Crowdrise– A fairly new organization founded in 2010 this website allows you to donate online to fundraisers. It currently raises money for over 1.5 million charities.
  4. CatachaFire– This organization was founded in 2009 and it matches volunteers based on their professional skills with nonprofits, organizations and social enterprises.
  5. Volunteer Match– This national non-profit organization was launched in 1998 and is dedicated to strengthening communities and businesses by making it simple for people to volunteer for a good cause.

There are thousands of websites promoting non-governmental and non-profit organizations that you can be a part of or donate to. MaxWell Medical has helped build homes through Esperanza International, donate over 150 coats to the homeless through New York Cares, and is currently raising money for March of Dimes and relief efforts in Japan. We’ve used our Twitter, Facebook, Blog and YouTube to collaborate with our thoughtful patients and other organizations to help GIVE MORE!