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Ready, set, PACK!

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Pack your bags MaxWell wants you to WIN our Getaway Giveaway! This week you can increase your chances by up to 3 times!! You can be a WINNER!

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Holy cupping, Batman!

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Have you seen those bruises on Michael Phelps and thought, “Ow!”? Well, you’re not alone. Millions have tuned into the 2016 Olympics in Rio and are left wondering, when did swimming become a contact sport? Those bruises are actually signs of Phelps getting some necessary pain & muscle soreness relief. And they’re quite common here at MaxWell Medical too. As part of our multidisciplinary approach to wellness, we also provide Acupuncture. Cupping is one of the many, centuries-old techniques done by our wonderful Acupuncturists, Shareen & Aileen and has helped Phelps strike gold!

So come in and have MaxWell Medical will get YOU feeling like a WINNER!

If you’re looking to heal like an Olympian, we’ve got you covered. Cupping & other Acupuncture techniques are covered by insurance. Find out by calling our office today.*